October 17, 2012


This year, as a sophomore in college, I've really noticed a change in my personal style. For years, I felt like I was grasping for something that truly expressed myself. Everything I wore was okay...but a little off. I didn't quite love it the way I should have. But now I have a solid idea of what really makes my heart go pitter-patter.
This summer I spent hours on Pinterest making a new style board, went on a few shopping trips with my Mum and started dressing in a way that made me happy.
I've discovered that classic French style is what I'm really drawn to. Think black, white and red. Stripes. Cute hats. Pointy toed Loubies.
One amazing thing about college is that it's a time for every young person to explore and find their own sense of style. As a fashion major, I am constantly surrounded by amazingly dressed people (one of my peers only shops at a small boutique in Soho...and he doesn't even live in NYC!) College students really are some of my biggest style inspirations because of their willingness to experiment. Which leads me to the point of this post. For the past year I have been photographing fabulous college students for my internship at CollegeFashionsta. I feel inspired everytime I stop and talk to one of these Fashionistas and learn about what inspires their personal style. 
CollegeFashionista is an amazing site that I read daily — and I would even if I wasn't an intern. Amy Levin, the founder, is an amazing boss who makes sure the site is always changing and inspiring. If you are interested in some new style inspo, check it out! The main page changes daily and no matter what style tribe you fall into, you will love it, I promise!
You can even check out all of the posts that I have written in the past year (and plan on continuing with until I graduate) here. Let me know what you think about the site, too! 
Below are some of my favorite pictures from the lovely Fashionistas and Fashionistos that I have talked to in the past year.
Can you see how different each of them are?! I love it. 
PS-If you are in college currently (anywhere in the world!) and you think it would be fun to photograph and talk about the amazing fashionable students on your campus leave me your email and I will give Amy a personal recommendation for you!


  1. Wow you got a nice refreshing blog out here, glad I found it! Thanks for sharing your lovely fashionista friends too!!


    1. Awe thank you! It's so much fun finding Fashionistas, thats why I love my job! xxx

  2. Awe I see here that you go to Kent! I just graduated from Kent in May. P.S. Love the guy's photo you took for CF. =)

    xx Missy

    1. Oh wow! How's post college life? Yes, I think he may be my favorite ;)

  3. That's amazing that you intern for College Fashionista. I love that site! :)

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and enter my jewelry giveaway and check out my latest style column for Lauren Conrad's site!

    1. Yes, it's such an amazing opportunity! I'm glad you do. :) Your blog is so cute, by the way!


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