August 4, 2013

Rolled Braid Updo {How To}

Hi loves! It's been a while, huh? Well earlier this summer my best friend's older sister got married (it was a beautiful wedding) and this is the hair I wore! I spent all morning doing the Bridemaids' hair and so I threw this up really quickly. 
It's a pretty easy style. Rolling your hair into the bun is the hardest part, and my Mom helped me, but it's DEFINITELY do-able by yourself!
step one: tease your hair, BIG, bigger than you want it in the end. this is allow for wiggle room and moveability.
step two: pull a few strands back into a half-poof and bobby-pin. again, keep it bigger than you want it to end. the bun will pull it down a bit.
step three: braid two small pieces right behind each ear. tie with a clear elastic or hairspray a ton (which is what I did) and leave those alone.
step four: tie all of your hair (leave out the braids) into a low pony. as low as you can without a TON of layers falling out. a few is fine. 
step five: roll all of your hair up, tucking the ends under, like you're rollin' up crescent rolls. bobby-pin inside the roll, especially at the edges. make sure you can't see the mess happening inside of the roll. 
step six: (see first picture) drape braids across the seam at the top of the roll and bobby-pin down. 
See? Super easy! I pulled a few pieces out around my face and ears, that's my preference, but you could leave everything slicked back for a more formal feel! 
LET ME KNOW if you try this! I would love to see pictures! Tag me on Insta or Twitter and use #moremascaraplease so I can find them!


PS-lots of outfits and FUN news coming soon! <3

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  1. SO BEAUTIFUL ! and quite trendy! i'm loving this look! i will definitely try this soon!


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