November 26, 2012

Get A Fix: StitchFix

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Hello loves! Happy Wednesday. Today I have something really exciting to share. It's a company called StitchFix! Basically this is a boutique-type company where you sign up and become a "member." You fill out a style profile (they asked every question imaginable and left room for you to add anything!) and they send you a "fix."

A Fix is a box full of 5-6 items that they think you will like/need according to your style profile and your comments. It costs $20 to schedule a fix and that money goes towards whatever you decide to keep from your box. 
For instance, if you liked one dress and one shirt, totaling $80, then you would only have to pay $60 because of your "down payment" of $20 for the fix. 
 I got my first fix after seeing a fellow blogger, Lyndsey, mention StitchFix a few weeks ago.
Let me tell you what I love and don't really love about them.
1). You can schedule a fix for ANYTIME! That's right. No annoying "Skip this month" hassle. Whenever you want it will be there.
2). The items are really high quality! They are a little expensive, think $40-$200 depending on your preference. But you're not going to get something of Forever21 quality. (I love F21, but you feel my drift).
3). If you want all the items in your box you get TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT OFF. That is an amazing discount. Maj score?!
4). They send outfit ideas. For some of the more unique pieces, sometimes it's hard to see how it could fit into our wardrobe. Each piece comes with a card that has description and pictures of how you could style it.

In my box I got a dress, two shirts, a sweater and a necklace. I'm still deciding between the sweater and the dress. Maybe even the shirt. It's such a tough decision! 
What do you think I should stick with?

All in all, StitchFix is an amazing little idea. If you're willing to spend a little bit of money on some new pieces, even just one for the season, this is a great place to start. There is no pressure, no hassle and they really pay attention to delivering what you want. You can sign up here! Make sure to tell them that I sent you. And let me know when you're getting a fix! I'd love to see pictures.


  1. UGH LOVE the tunic!!! too bad it didn't work for you!! love this video!! mine is going up tomorrow, and it took a LOT of citing because i rambled forever! when are you scheduling another? you know my vote goes for the sweater!! the more and more i think about them the more i love stitch fix!! they are a truly great company!! only hope is that they lower the lowest point a teeny bit more. xoxo, lyndsey


Thank you for the lovely comments! I read each and every one. xxx

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