November 20, 2012

Insta Life: @CassieDulworth

I don't even know how to start this post. I feel like my life is going at 200mph right now.
I have no time to sleep.
I have no time to eat.
I have no time to think more than 2 hours ahead.
And I love it. I am so thankful for everything I get to do already, from being a student, working for an amazing company (Tommy Hilfiger), TWO fashion internships and more. I'm one lucky gal.
Aaannyyyways. I guess that is my really long intro leading into me saying I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much recently! But. I Instagram. A lot. And because I can't blog as often as I would like, follow me here for more outfit posts/daily tid-bits! 

Here are some shots from my crazy, amazing life this past month.
Image 1: Driving to work on a gorgeous day! Wearing some new baubles (look for a haul this week!)
Image 2: Getting dressed up for the Art of Contrast fashion show that I judged. Post coming soon.
Image 3: Fun pattern mixing for class.
Image 4: A part of my StitchFix box! I am working on a video/post for this amazing company now, but sign up here!
Image 5: This was a good mail week. My Target Style samples came. Love this bag.
Image 6: Another package--from my Momma! Full of magazines, books and more.
Image 7: One of my favorite fall outfits recently.
Image 8: Taking outfit pictures with Kate. See the full post here!
Image 9: Starbucks scones are a rare treat for me. Unfortunately (for my wallet) venti iced chai tea is not.
Image 10: I got a letter from my best friend this week. We are long distance, but she always makes me smile (damn it.)
Image 11: I went to Bowling Green for a girlfriend's 21st recently! It was a great night. <3
Image 12: My roommates, Taylor and Kate, and I had a perfect girls night out!

Follow me on Instagram at @CassieDulworth for lots of daily photos!
What is your name on Instagram?!

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