November 15, 2012

Tumblr Crush Thursday

Hi loves! Sorry this is a little late today. I just don't know where this week has gone. Everything is flying by. I can't believe it's almost the 2nd half of November!
Yesterday I woke up and had class, immediately went to work (at Tommy Hilfiger, if you didn't know) and went to the gym as soon as I got back, before it closed. By the time I got home it was midnight and I just couldn't believe it!
I love being busy though. Amazing things are happening with my blog, some opportunities I have coming up, an event tomorrow that I'm super excited about (look for that post this weekend) and my roommate is now a Rent the Runway Rep with me! (Congrats, Kate!)

Anywayssss. Quit rambling, Cassie.
Here are some of my loves from Tumblr this week. 
The week of November 12th I'm crushing on:
 Image 1: Isn't this dress TO DIE FOR?! Does anybody know where I can get a similar one? Maybe NastyGal?!
 Image 2: This looks delicious. Carbs are my vice. And frothy drinks. But, maybe I can find a yummy, healthy recipe for something similar when I'm home for Thanksgiving. Or do you have any suggestions?
Images 3&4: Scarlett Johanson is one of my favorite actresses. I always love the movies she chooses to be in. And she is so gorgeous! I always think of her character in "He's Just Not That Into You" because she isn't stick skinny. She has curves and they are gorgeous. Also, that smile. Also, this is what I've been eating lately. The Skinny Confidential has kicked my butt into realizing how badly I eat and I'm working on changing that! College dorm life makes it harder (but no excuses.) Do you have any yummy healthy foods that you eat, that are simple or easy to make?!

Well. Hopefully you guys can help me with some of the questions I have. Apparently I'm full of them today.

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