December 6, 2012

Tumblr Crush Thursday

Ahhhhh. The sweet feeling of never having the same Thursday schedule again.
Today was my last day of classes before exams, and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am not to go back to my two Thursday classes. They were torture.

Today, I'm doing things a little bit differently, in that I'm featuring photos not from my Tumblr. This is one of my favorites and I guarantee some of the photos form previous TCTs were reblogged from her.
Rosie, of The Londoner is a gorgeous young woman, an amazing blogger and all around somebody I wish to grow up like. Her blog is one of my favorites, ever, and her Tumblr is almost as good.
A Nice Little Tumblr is a cozy mixture of fashion, country, food and thoughtfulness. It's wonderful and if you have never checked it out, go and do so.

In the week of December 3rd I'm crushing on:

These were just some of my favorites from her Tumblr in the past day or so. Make sure you check it out, along with her amazing blog, and tell Rose I sent you!
Who's Tumblr are you loving this week?

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