January 24, 2013

As If! {Wildfox SS 2013}

So, Wildfox is one of my all time favorite companies. The designers are amazing, the clothes are so cute. But my favorite part is always the story behind each line. Whether it's completely made up or very influenced by their lives, these ladies know how to capture your imagination and pull you into their world. 

I fell in love with their Spring/Summer 2013 White Line—modeled very closely after the movie Clueless.
"I am a total, absolute, shopping addict. The whole phrase “retail therapy” is like… well, my life. The high (and guilt) from shopping is unlike anything else, and when I can, I put it to use. This is definitely something to laugh about as long as you don’t have too bad a case of it (100K of debt, 70 credit cards, all you think about, talk about, etc….) I began to imagine what my shopping addiction would look like if it was its own beast outside of me, it’s own feminine character – What would she look like? And so the White Label collection shoot was born: a diamond obsessed monster with glitter for hair and shoes made out of chandelier crystals, she’s sort of 90’s (like my high school days) sort of 80’s (like my obsession for St. Elmo’s Fire and Demi Moore’s bedroom) and sort of absolutely insane. This girl sleeps in high heels, puts glitter in her cereal and watches infomercials all night long. She’s a little bit clueless, a little bit crazy, and a little bit me… hopefully she’s also a little bit you." -Kim, Designer

Have you seen this collection? Which look is your favorite? I DIE over those silver pants.

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  1. i definitely went and looked at the entire line after i read this post! i love the back story to this collection :D and glitter for hair? that's probably the best part ;)


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