January 3, 2013

Blushing Beauty {A Simple Makeup Tip}

{Blush used above is Desert Rose by NYX | Similar blush brush}
 Hi beauties! Today I have a quick makeup tip that will help you apply blush (or bronzer) mush more evenly! This is great particularly if you are using a bright color.

Step One: Tap your brush into your blush/bronzer, thoroughly. 
{Yes that is a pink stain on my white sweater. I forgot that my hand was covered in lipstick swatches earlier today.}
 Step Two: Swirl the brush, now covered in pigment, on the back of your hand. This is the trick! Swirling the brush will evenly distribute the color in the brush and therefore onto your cheek. No more odd splotches or heavy blending needed! 
Step Three: Apply the color as normal! You will notice that it goes on quite quickly and smoothly. I tend to apply my blush further back on my cheekbones, but put it where ever is flattering on your face shape. 

See? Simple. This step requires almost no time but I find that it's a lifesaver in making even the brightest blushes look natural and gorgeous when applied.


  1. Happy New Year darling!
    You are really a pro when it comes to makrup



Thank you for the lovely comments! I read each and every one. xxx

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