January 8, 2013

Furbish Favorites

Furbish Favorites
{Paper Clips $4 | Painting $400 | Spike Earrings $16}
{Coasters $24 | Gold Giraffe $38 | Paris Pillow $165}
{Colored Pencils + Holder $82 | Wrap Bracelet $15 | Fox Decanter Set $68}

I was shopping around online earlier today and I stumbled across this site, Furbish, I had pinned on my Online Shopping Pinterest board. And oh my goodness, they have the most amazing things! Just scrolling through the new arrivals was making my heart speed up.
They have everything from home decor to jewelry to vintage pieces, in any price range imaginable. You can even buy a couch! The dog paper clips are beyond and I think I need to order them.
Here are some of my favorites, but trust me when I say, you have to go check Furbish out for yourself. 

I love finding unique shops like this online. Do you know of any? 

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