January 9, 2013

Snow Leopard Print

Snow Leopard Print
{Phone Case | Sweater | Dress (on sale!) | HatPants}
{Blazer | Booties | Blouse | Dress | Socks}
The other day my Mom pointed out to me that I could probably wear an outfit entirely composed of leopard printed pieces. I guess you could say I have a bit of an obsession. And as a girl who wears mostly neutral colors, I love adding animal print into my outfits to give a kick. As spring rolls around I'm looking for a bit of a change—snow leopard. The sleeker counter part to normal leopard, this is going to be a favorite of mine.
Most of these pieces are under $50 and a lot of them are on sale. You have to be careful with leopard—stay away from skin tight pieces which can look cheap or unflattering. But don't be shy to adding this pattern into your wardrobe! It's a classic, after all.

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