February 27, 2014

{City Staycation} Wear These Spring 2014 Trends to Explore Your City!

Sometimes in our crazy lives it's hard to remember to go beyond the 20 blocks we live and work in. So I'm challenging you to take this weekend and do some exploring in your own hometown. And in a cute outfit of course. Spring is almost here and some of the biggest trends are the easiest to wear! White-on-white, pastels, geometric prints and athletic touches are so easy to incorporate into your outfits with a few new pieces. 
{all pieces from Zappos!}

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  1. hey sweetie!

    I just found our blog and I want you to know that I love it!
    I am totally following you & like your FB page! Hope you can do the same to mine!
    You look amazing in your cool
    Love this post !!!!:)

    Greetings from Greece


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