February 16, 2014

Makeup Sale {Bobbi Brown}

{Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit—Porcelain 0}

Hi everyone! I've done a little bit of shopping lately and ended up getting a few things I didn't need! I have both of these concealers (they're great as a pair, too!) that won't work for my skin so I figured I would sell them to someone who will love them more. This is a great way to try out some new products before buying them full price too!

I will use PayPal to bill the product. Email me at: cassiedulworth@hotmail.com with "Bobbi Brown Makeup" in the subject line if you want either (or both!). Shipping in US is free, ask about international if you're interested. 

Creamy Concealer Kit—Porcelain 0—SOLD
This comes with the creamy concealer and a translucent powder. It was swatched once with a brush, never used! New with the box. Retail is $34 USD, I'm selling it for $22 USD (or best offer). 
{Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick—Porcelain 0}

Face Touch Up Stick—Porcelain 0—SOLD!
This creamy concealer is in the same family as the one above, but is great to keep in your purse or take anywhere as an on-the-go option. Perfect for under eyes or blemishes. Never used. New with box. Retail is $26 USD, I'm selling it for $17 USD (or best offer). 

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  1. Bobbi Brown makes the most beautiful cosmetics! It absolutely kills me that I'm allergic to something in those products because otherwise I would buy every single thing!


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