June 27, 2014

Face Favorites: Milani Baked Blush

Earlier this week I posted this picture (above) on my instagram to show off my fishtail (yes I was very proud of it haha.) After looking at the pictures though, I noticed how well my blush was showing up and decided it was about time I told you guys about my favorite cheek color right now.

If you watch YouTube videos or read beauty blogs, this product is probably no stranger to you: the Milani Baked Blushes.  It's not really new to me either, but I figured I should give you one more reason to go get it! I have two colors: Dolce Pink , which is what I'm wearing, and Berry Amore. Both are gorgeous and illuminating in all the right ways. Dolce Pink is lighter and more natural, at least on my fair skin. It's perfect for a "no-makeup" look where you want a subtle wash of girly color. Berry Amore is a coral and slightly darker, with plum undertones. It's equally gorgeous and would probably look really natural on medium-dark skin tones. 

Either way, this Milani Baked Blush a great product. It's extremely pigmented and gives a highlight without being sparkly or glittery. And it's under $8! Go pick one up from CVS and let me know what you think!

left: Dolce Pink 01 | right: Berry Amore 03

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