July 2, 2014

HOW TO: Style a White Tee (4 Ways!)

Here is another video for you! This one is all about how to style a classic: the white tee. I have so many of these, it's a definitely one of my favorite pieces. And it can by styled in so many different ways. 

ONE // laidback: This is for your cozy day when you still want to look pulled together. Comfy pieces like boyfriend jeans and the every popular birkenstocks make you feel like you're wearing PJs. I also threw on a hat. I only had a KSU ballcap, but a leather one or a patterned snapback would be really cool too. And it adds an interesting touch.

TWO // boho: If you live by the beach, love frolicking through fields or are constantly shopping on Free People, this one is for you. Throw a slouchy tee over your favorite maxi (I wore a dress, but a skirt would work too!) and tie it up in the front. With the addition of a bunch of layered necklaces and some leather sandals you're ready for a day of twirling and eating kale. (Jokes. I do love this outfit for when you're feeling a bit more bohemian! :) )

THREE // classic: This is my go-to outfit for when I'm running out the door. I wear a variation of this almost everyday. Original, I know. But DIY cutoffs and a tee with a fun detail (like the mesh strip on this H&M beauty) are a great summer outfit. Add some gladiators for an interesting touch and huge sunnies to feel more glam. 

FOUR // girly glam: This look is a culmination of all of my favorite pieces lately. Originally I planned the outfit with a black bodycon skirt instead of the cutoffs but left that at home (argg!) when I went to film. Cutoffs work pretty well too. The combination of a really flowy top from the tee+kimono and the tighter/shorter bottoms makes your legs look miles long. I added a really sparkly necklace and bright fun shoes to make the look dressier. It would be perfect for a night out our dinner with your boo. 

I hope you liked this! Let me know what was your favorite outfit. And let me know if you have any requests for future HOW TO: style videos in the future! 


Thank you for the lovely comments! I read each and every one. xxx

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