November 4, 2012

An Unexpected Mash Up

Navy. A color I have avoided for years. Not for lack of trying. I would buy a navy shirt with the best intentions of wearing it, only for it to sit in the back of my closet for months, never worn, before I decided to sell it on Ebay. Why, you may ask? Because, folks. I was naive. "Everything in my closet is black, I might at as well not even buy anything navy," I thought. 
But now I know better. I have a solution.
When two things don't go together, put them together anyways. 
We have seen this for months with print mixing. And it always works. Navy and black is the next big thing.
These two are seriously in love, I tell you. And I'm in love with the romance.
Need proof? Need inspiration? Look no further.
There are tricks to this pairing.
1). Make it obvious. Nobody wants to look like they merely choose their outfit in the dark. Put prominent navy and black pieces together.
2). Make sure the navy is light enough that people can tell it's navy, not faded-I've-been-washed-500-times black.
3). Don't add other colors. Stick with these two, and maybe a nude if you're feeling a little dark.
You can never fail if you remember these things! So get to pairing. And send me some photos if you do. I would love to see my amazing readers' outfits! 
Email me: cassiedulworth(at)hotmail(dot)com
An outfit of the day with my navy+black love is coming soon. Look out for lots of it this winter.
(Images from here and here.)

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  1. loooooove this! now i just need to buy something navy....


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