November 5, 2012

Eat Well, Travel Often

I can't believe I haven't shared this news on my blog yet. I guess it hasn't truly sunk in yet. It's a big dream come true and I know it's going to change me forever.
Wow. I still can't believe it! I just got the news. Next August I'm moving to Florence, Italy for a semester. When I return I'm going to be living in New York City for spring semester. 
This is the opportunity I've been waiting for. Traveling around Europe. Being completely immersed in the different cultures and lifestyles? I've always felt that I could live in Europe again someday. (Wait. Again, Cassie?! Yes. A story for another day).
Then New York.
The city of dreams. The mecca of fashion-loving gals.
It's going to be glorious.
I've already started a "NYC" board on Pinterest here and a "Travel Abroad" board here.
If you have been to or live in Europe/NYC let me know! I want as many ideas and suggestions. Where to eat, what to do, who to become friends with?
I want to see the places only locals know about.
I know I will be obsessively pinning inspiration for the next nine months.
Maybe I will do some posts on packing tips in the meantime?

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