November 5, 2012

Super Flip: Review

As this is my first official makeup review, I decided to choose a product that I already use and love myself. A lot of people may not know this about me but I am a mark. Cosmetics Representative. I love all of the mark. products: makeup, skincare and especially the jewelry.
This palette is one that I got in my stater kit almost a year ago. I haven't given it as much love as it deserves but it is definitely something I reach for often. 
The palette is in a gorgeous little square compact. It feels heavy and expensive, despite the under $20 price tag. And the front doubles as an extra mirror!
It has 9 eyeshadows, 6 glosses and 3 lipsticks which makes it an amazing value for your money.
Glitterati is a very icy highlight, with silver undertones. It has great payoff and I love to use it in my inner corner everyday to brighten my eyes.
Dusk is a light taupe brown with a lot of shimmer. With a cool tone and slightly sheer payoff, this is a great color to throw on in a hurry.
Cushy is the second highlight in this palette. It is yellow based and less shimmery than Glitterati. This would work if you want a more natural highlight.
Pool is a true aqua blue. With a slight sparkle it would be gorgeous for special occasions when you want something different. The payoff is fabulous.
Java is a mid-tone brown with warm undertones. It has a touch of purple in it as well, making it a great color for all eyes.
Fairy Dust is a warm peachy tone. This is my least favorite shadow in the palette-it can come off a bit chalky and hard to blend.
Sepia is a matte brown with a neutral undertone. It is extremely dark if that is what you want, the payoff is 100% what it looks like in the pan.
Piccadilly is a deep purple color, also matte. This color is great for green or brown eyes when you want something a little less neutral.
Edge is a matte charcol grey with slight hints of green in the background. It also has a wonderful payoff and it perfect when you want to deepen without the harshness of black.
With a flip of the palette you can access all 9 glosses and lipsticks. Handy, eh?!
Oops is a true creamy pink nude. This is my favorite color!! It's perfect for nude lips that don't look dead.
Bitten looks WAY more intimidating in the pan than on the lips. It's a deep maroon color that can be very sheer or built up. It has a slight silver/cool undertone.
Cutie is a more mauve version of Oops. Very nude and sheer.
 Pop | Wow | Prima
Pop is a true fuchsia pink. It has gorgeous pink sparkles but not obnoxiously so. 
Wow is an orange based shade that also looks intimidating in the pan. It wears more sheerly with gold sparkles.
Prima is a sparkly version on Cutie, a mauve nude pink. This one doesn't have amazing payoff but will give you a slight hint of color.
Lucky is a lipstick with a gorgeous creamy texture. Its a brown based red with gorgeous payoff.
Plush is equally as creamy but with a sheer payoff. This nude lipstick has a slight yellow undertone.
Wild is also creamy lipstick, a bright fuchsia. In the pan it looks red but translates as pink (a pet peeve of mine!)
All in all this is an amazing palette. Some of the colors aren't available anymore, but I linked the ones that are (and similar ones if they weren't)! The eyeshadows, in general, have amazing payoff and are so easy to blend. They last all day even on my oily skin! The lipsticks and glosses also have great payoff. There are a few I don't like but for the money, that's okay. Combined with the luxurious packaging this is a great palette to have handy.
There are similar palettes on mark. all for under $20. These would make perfect stocking stuffers, christmas gift or something for yourself to throw in your handbag. It has everything you need!

You can shop here or email me anytime for inquires or placing an order! I can help with choosing similar colors, different products and even becoming a mark. rep!

Have you every tried mark. cosmetics? What are your favorite products?
PS-Although I do work for this company, all opinions are truly mine. I would not disrespect my readers my trying to sell them lousy products or things I don't love.

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