November 6, 2012

Beauty Lusts

Beauty Lusts!

Sometimes I just need to gather all of my wish list in one place. These are the beauty and hair products I would love to have right now! 
First on my list: the 2" Hot Tools curling iron.

Kenra Hot Spray | MAC Fix+ | Bobbi Brown Concealer | Bioderma Cleanser
Hot Tools Curling Iron | Chanel Blush

TIP: I buy a lot of products from Amazon. Students get Amazon Prime for free (for a year) so shipping is free. Also, most of the time you can find the products much cheaper than on the brand website!

What's on your beauty lust list right now?
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  1. great list lover!! can't wait for our ulta trip this weekend!! i adore mac fix+... people tell me its just water and i laugh at them. you don't understand until you've tried it!! i really really love bobbi brown and REALLY want to get some of her stuff but haven't yet. maybe i should as for some for the holidays!! also chanel is ALWAYS a yes. i splurged on a chanel bronzer and i have not regretted it once!! its unreal!!

    xoxo, lyndsey

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    1. Yes yes yes. I will loveeee any of these too! xx

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    1. Thanks Alissa! Anybody who is at all interested in beauty or hair would love all of these products I'm sure! I've heard nothing but good reviews on all.

  4. Hey Beautiful Lady :)

    Join Estée Lauder Giveaway on my blog :)


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