November 30, 2012

The Bigger the Hair, The Closer to Heaven

Hi lovely readers. 
It's been a crazy week. Finals is almost here and everyone on campus is scrambling to get last minute projects and studying done (including me). I know I missed Tumblr Crush Thursday this week (so sad!) but that means it's going to be even better next week!

Lately I've been obsessed with all things hair related. From my new Kenra Hot Spray to my favorite teasing brush, bigger has been better. I guess my inner Texan is coming out!
I've been watching Megan (Ciaoobelllaxo on YouTube) and her hair is amazing! Sometimes I just want a little more drama than the curls I wear everyday.
Here is some Inspo I've been gathering.
I just think slightly-messy, voluminous hair is so effortlessly feminine and sexy! 
Maybe I'll do a tutorial on how I get my hair big like this soon, if you would be interested in that?
How do you make your hair big and gorgeous like this...Or do you?

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