January 28, 2013

StitchFix Unboxing {And Review}

Hi my lovely readers!
Today I got my second "Fix" from StitchFix! I talked to my stylist about the things I wanted in my wardrobe and even showed her my favorite Pinterest board full of inspiration!
They really hit the nail on the head with this Fix. I loved every single piece! Some of them I can't keep because they just don't fit perfectly but they were all great. 
I cannot say enough good things about the stylists and customer service at StitchFix and if you haven't signed up yet you have to now! 
Patterned tank. I saw this on the StitchFix Instagram and fell in love! They put it in my box for me. :)
Isn't this tank amazing? The sequins make a leopard pattern (or cheetah? I can never remember) which is so neat.
The COZIEST shearling and knit sweater. Where was this last week when I needed it in the -18 degree weather?! One of my faves. 
This dress is so fun. It would be amazing for a night out, what cool touches? And the sheer is on the back as well. Sadly, it doesn't fit quite right on me. 
Lastly, this studded cuff. It's super heavy so I know the quality is great. And this would look amazing everyday for some added sass.
I have such a hard time deciding what to keep! I know which pieces are my favorite, but which do you think I should keep? Help!!
Have you tried StitchFix yet?! (If not, sign up here or click the box at the top of my sidebar). If so let me know how you loved it! My girlfriend Lyndsey and I love sharing our boxes and helping each other decide what to keep. 
This is why I love you amazing readers, you can help a girl out!


  1. shearling jacket!!!! sooo cozy :D but the cuff is quite cute too

  2. That shearling jacket is my favourite.. All of it looks so good on you!!
    Piper x

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  3. Great blog! You have a very nice sense of style! Check out my blog and let me know what you think!


  4. L.ove it! xxx


Thank you for the lovely comments! I read each and every one. xxx

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